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1. Custom software design and development

2. Analysis and detection of security holes in program source code:

Web application boom brought to the surface a lot of complicated and often insecured CGI scripts (who cares about security when the project deadline is over?). CGI scripts check-up allows to reveal holes in CGI code for plotter to gain an unathorized access to your resources. Most of Web sites are broken through CGI scripts.Certain dataflow processing mechanisms in C & C++ applications give plotter the opportunity to execute harmful code in the system being attacked. Written code stability with high workloads is another problem. Since it is difficult to protect your system from Denial Of Service attacks, you can make these attacks ineffective though.

3. Security design.

Spend a bit time to specify security problems, developing your system. Protection of data processing technologies and manipulating data via special secured protocols will take away from you headaches with developing complementary patches then.

4. Data protection software.

Put the power of modern encrypting/decrypting technologies into your business! About 10 different symmetric encrypting/decrypting algorithms are implemented to ensure the following features: