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About ELAN

Founded in 1993, ELAN united engineers and programmers working at IT solutions for industries and science applications (aircraft, artificial human intelligence etc.). Later it became an ISP, evolving the ideas of web information security. We have designed various applications for aircraft, health care centers, security systems and digital image processing.

At present we have started several new long-term programs in a partnership with Aircraft Flight Test Laboratory "Antonov", Ukrainian Center of Civil Aviation, Central Scientific Library of Ukraine. These projects focus on specific tasks of image processing and huge data streams, virtual library and regulations. Qualification and skills of Elan specialists are confirmed by State certificates in Security Systems and Medicine fields.

We work with a number of state institutes to bring the fresh ideas into IT process. Graduates and students can participate in our programs as an internship, part time or free time basis to gain knowledge and practical experience. We support long-term relations with our friends from abroad and open for mutual projects. We believe we can speak to each other one language - Technology. Let's do IT together!

Company name: Elan Ltd.