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A very special and unusual theatre in Kyiv - the capital of the Ukraine.
The RADUGA Ukrainian Charity Fund represents now some information about this theatre in brief.
The RADUGA professional theatre was established in 1969.
The special feature of the theatre is its cast, which consists only of stone-deaf artistes. They do not hear music or any sounds surrounding us at all. But their professionalism and hrodigy helps them to create characters with great and deep emotions on the stage.
There are only three such theaters there in the world - in the USA, in Russia and in the Ukraine.
Why this theatre is called the RADUGA (RAINBOW) theatre? Because the RADUGA that is the versatility of variety shows. Because this is the fusion of choreographic, dumb-shows, clownery, circus elements and all this with great facial expression, with gestures which common to the deaf people and also announcer's voice were the issues, which helped the theatre to find its own special and unique stage Language, interesting and clear both to the deaf and to the sound spectators. Besides, the importance of the theatre in the sphere of aesthetic education and culture improvement of deaf people became absolutely clear.


The debut took place on June 25, 1970. It was the theatre's first play-choreographic dumb show Legend about Raduga produced by general producer and play script writer M.E. Novoselski. In 1971, the theatre staged a new play The Voices of the Hearts, then followed Raduga is Laughing, Visible Rhythms, Returned Song, Musical Comedy is My love, and others. The artistes were improving their professionalism and gathered experience with each performance. With great interest the theatrical circles met The Hot Pavements - musical based on Westside Story. The Hot Pavements was produced in 1978 by the theatre's producer I.A. Kozakov. The theatre's troupe is proved to be able to cope with jazz-ballet polyphonic complicated music in short time. Since theatre's establishing 11 stage productions for children were performed. These stage productions possess a lot of music and children like them very much. There are: Neznaika Kid Adventures, Travel into the Tale, Op-Lya or the Secret of the Music Box, etc. The Fantastic Detective Story is on the stage during 8 years already and children really like it. At the time of its existence, there over 50 different performances and concert programs produced by the theatre. Nowadays, we have some high quality programs in our creative portfolio.


Since its establishing in 1969 the theatre had visited over than 500 cities in the West and in the East Europe. The theatre took part in various international programs, contests and festivals, e.g.:


It is very difficult for the deaf artiste to gain the creative victory. He needs to have great love and strong will in himself, he has to work hard to overcome the acoustic barrier, to make spectators cry and suffer, laugh and be happy. The success of the performances is attained in many respects due to some artistes' professionalism. Among them an Honored Artiste of the Ukraine V. Kushnirenko, V. Maruschak, E. Kaplan, A. Myagkih, N. Zayonts, T. Vuitsik, V. Koval, A. Gubko and others. The troupe is periodically renewed with the Kyiv's Variety-Circus School graduates. Now, the theatre is very mobile and full of creative power. Its troupe consists of about 15 artistes. They are all posses multiple-genre ability.


Since 1996, the State and the Ukrainian Society of Deaf have stopped financial support to the theatre. Now, we have not enough money to pay for the rent, to purchase necessary properties and machinery, to stage new programs and for our tours as well. To gather money to cope with the problems the RADUGA Ukrainian Charity Fund is organized. It calls now to all people who are not indifferent with the theatre's fate and destiny to take part in support and rebirth of this unique team. We will be very grateful if you consider mentioned above info as our particular suggestion to possible mutual cooperation. We look forward to hear from you.