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TVBase 2.1. involves powerful mathematical functions in image processing. Any device with PAL, SECAM, NTSC output signal can be used as a data source. Grabbed images are stored in the database for further processing. Image processing algorithms like filtering or quantization allow personnel of medical or scientific organization analyze complex data obtained during researches or medical procedures. TVBase includes personal computer, video blaster Aver PCImager, image database, video capturing software module avercap32.exe and image processing module tvbase.exe.


TVBase release 2.1 provides:

Hardware requirements

Processor Pentium-100
RAM 16 Mb
Video S3 Trio, Cirrus 5446, ET6000, ATI, Matrox Millenium, Trident Pro Vidia 9685. DirectDraw support
Platform Windows 95/98 DAO 3.5 components
CDROM Preferrable
PCI One free slot

Data processing algorithms involved.

a. Negative Reversing image colors.

b. Coloring Transformation with assigning of three basic colors (red,green,blue) to the brightness levels of image.

c. Black/White Excluding color data from image.

d. Roberts & Sobel filtering.

These operations can be ascribed to the contouring operations group. Contouring is made according to gradient of image brightness or optical density. The basic difference between Roberts and Sobel filters is the form of differential operator and size of floating window. Both operators are referred to the high frequency filter class. Sun spots are seen much more better at the sample image with Roberts filtering applied (to the left), at the same time Sobel filter gives dim and low contrast result (to the right).

e. Dithering Dithering is a low-frequency filtering operation. Used for suppression of small defects, sharp edges etc.

f. Ordinal filtering Ordinal filtering is a powerful image processing mechanism. Used for suppression or distinguishing of image details. Median filtering is a well known instance of ordinal filtering. See at the picture to the left - distinguishing the object edges (Sun limb).

g. Convolution Various pre-set weighting functions available. Besides, weighting functions parameters can be edited.

h. Binary quantization. This filter has a floating threshold and flexible palette controlling features. Changing the threshold value distinguishes areas with equal signal levels. Sun limb data with less brightness excluded at the sample image (see to the left).Digital processing algorithms provide TVBase with the brand variety of scientific and technological problems- medicine, aircraft, astronomy, physics, biology etc. TVBase is a basic product , encapsulating general functions of digital image processing and storing, it is highly extendable and flexible. Supplemented by additional modules, it solves problems for our customers, who faces intense image data streams in their activities.


TVBase solution carefully handles huge amounts of realtime data, saving the necessary frames to the HDD (flight testing - aircraft industry, guarding system- security services). TVBase is a tool to distinguish tiny details or suppress noise signals to process weak and noisy image data (scientific researches - physics, astronomy, biology) TVBase stores images at the HDD, with no additional expensive special devices, to bring the power of information technologies to the medicine (health care- patient image database).

Software for image data processing

Software for trajectory computing during cargo dropping

Software for trajectory computing during cargo dropping Software computes a trajectory for cargo dropping from a transport aircraft, comparing a sequence of frames. Installed, tested and works at aviation company Antonov. Software designed as an additional module of TVBase 2.1 software and has the following functions:

Concept for patient data processing

We offer a concept of distributed processing of patient data for medicine.