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Software for data security


DEFENDER ™ is an unique software system, providing the PC and notebook stored data privacy. It uses a special low-level agent beneath operational system Windows 3.1/95/98 (see Figure 1). To access private data partition, you should insert a key media (floppy) and enter a password before operational system loads into memory. After Windows start you can easily access your private information, since agent is transparent to system requests. If you want to hide the private partition, just remove key floppy diskette from the drive, reboot your system. The partition will disappear for Windows operational system. DEFENDER ™ is exclusively suitable for mobile users to ensure data privacy.

What's inside?

DEFENDER ™ involves two approaches - encryption of data and modification of HDD system areas. System areas are marked up to hide them from drive logical structure.DEFENDER ™ consists of logical driver and encryption/decryption module. All data, passed through the module, is processed using block-gamming algorithm (key length is 80 bit, block length is 512 byte). Therefore you have two levels of data protection - first, hiding HDD partition, second, encrypting. User authorization is performed by key diskette, containing computer-specific information like hardware serial numbers and a password. This approach provides additional protection from the attempts to access your HDD on other hardware configuration. Smart logic of the DEFENDER ™ modifies key diskette every time you use it to prevent unauthorized duplicating.

What about securing your eMail from any type of listening-in?

Filecrypt is a part of DEFENDER ™ technology. Drag’n’drop files from your windows explorer into Filecrypt, specify the password and choose encrypting algorithm from the list of 10. Now your file(s) will be encrypted and you can eMail them to your addressee, who has the same software and knows the password. No SSL or PGP required.

Download & try demo version of Filecrypt! (38 KB)